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  • JingleJingle

    Korman, Gordon, author.

    Santa's Workshop Holiday Spectacular at the Colchester mansion is a long standing tradition in Cedarville, however Griffin and his friends are not happy to find that they have been volunteered as elves by their friend Logan and can not get out of it--but this year the pageant seem plagued by frequent electrical outages, and during one of them the valuable antique known as the Star of Prague disappears from the giant Christmas tree, and as they are the chief suspects, the friends set out to find who took it.

  • RaccoonsRaccoons

    Murray, Julie, 1969-, author.

  • Rutabaga the adventure chefRutabaga the adventure chef

    Colossal, Eric, author, artist.

    Rutabaga and his pet cooking pot, Pot, stumble into adventure as they continue to search for the most exotic ingredients for new dishes.

  • Captain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-LotCaptain Underpants and the sensational saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot : the twelfth epic novel

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author.

    George and Harold and their doubles, Yesterday George and Yesterday Harold, have been taking turns going to school, but when the doubles fall prey to their gym teacher, Mr. Meaner, and his method of mind control that turns students into attentive, obedient, perfect children, it is up to original George and Harold to strike back.

  • A wonderlandiful worldA wonderlandiful world

    Hale, Shannon, author.

    "When a mysterious being from Wonderland begins to infect Ever After High with a strange magic, everything goes topsy-turvy. Lizzie Hearts, Wonderland's future queen; Cedar Wood, daughter of Pinocchio; and Madeline Hatter, heir to the Mad Hatter's Haberdashery & Tea Shoppe, seem to be the only ones who haven't completely lost their heads. It's up to them to save their best friends forever after from a curse that threatens to give their school--and their lives--a very unhappy ending"--

  • Fly Guy's amazing tricksFly Guy's amazing tricks

    Arnold, Tedd, author.

    Fly Guy has learned a lot of new tricks, but when he shows off at dinner time he and Buzz get into trouble--though later they prove useful.

  • Captain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxersCaptain Underpants and the revolting revenge of the radioactive robo-boxers : the tenth epic novel

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966-, author.

    George and Harold are forced to contemplate a world without Captain Underpants.

  • Junie B., first graderJunie B., first grader : turkeys we have loved and eaten (and other thankful stuff)

    Park, Barbara.

    To celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Mr. Scary's first grade class prepares a Thankful List for the school contest, but Junie B. Jones finds it hard to be grateful for squash or Tattletale May.

  • Ride, Fly Guy, ride!Ride, Fly Guy, ride!

    Arnold, Tedd.

    While riding in the car with Buzz and his father, Fly Guy gets blown out of the window and finds himself riding in a truck, then a boat, a train, an airplane, and maybe even a rocket.

  • Like pickle juice on a cookieLike pickle juice on a cookie

    Sternberg, Julie.

    When nine-year-old Eleanor's beloved babysitter Bibi moves away to care for her ailing father, Eleanor must spend the summer adjusting to a new babysitter while mourning the loss of her old one.

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